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NOW OR NEVER! Intel® SSD Bundle Program in ASBIS


Intel SSD

Don’t miss your chance to participate in a splendid bundle promotion for Intel® Solid State Drives (SSD) in ASBIS!

If you need to buy an SSD, first check what we offer you! Only in ASBIS, only now, 33 models of Intel SSD with a free gift introduced*. All you need is to choose an SSD and we will take care about the rest. 

Product series Capacity

Intel® SSD 540s Series

120 GB / 240 GB / 480 GB / 1 TB

Intel® SSD DC S3500 Series

80 GB / 120 GB / 240 GB

Intel® SSD DC S3510 Series

800 GB / 1.2 TB / 1.6 TB

Intel® SSD DC S3610 Series

100 GB / 200 GB / 400 GB / 480 GB / 800 GB

Intel® SSD DC S3710 Series

200 GB / 400 GB / 800 GB

15 more models based on 3D NAND Technology to be added soon


*Essential conditions:

  • NOW OR NEVER Promotion runs till the end of reward budget or till 01.10.2016. ASBISc Enterprises PLC (ASBIS Group) reserves the right to finish the promotion at any time in all or certain countries without prior notification
  • Availability of Intel SSD SKUs and choice of gifts vary from country to country.
  • Minimum purchase quantity is 1pcs
  • Final decision in any disputable situations are to be taken by representatives of ASBISc Enterprises PLC